The al-Kafeel Nursery Group offers seedlings of fruits trees of high quality for farmers and citizens.

With the start of the season of planting of fruit trees, the al-Kafeel Nursery Group of the service affairs department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, announced the launch of selling large quantities of seedlings of fruit trees of good varieties that fit the nature of the atmosphere of Iraq, and meet the wishes of farmers and citizens alike.

The varieties of these seedlings were carefully selected, and prepared for their cultivation and treatment with an integrated diet program, to be ready to be planted in the soil. Among the fruit varieties provided by the nursery:

- Citrus fruits of all kinds.

- Prunus such as pomegranate, pear, European pear, apple, apricot and others.

These seedlings exist in all of the sales centers of the Nursery Group:

The first place: Karbala, Husseiniya area, near Qantara al-Baida,

The second: Al-Jomhuriya Street, near the Civil Defense Center,

The third: Al-Afaf Commercial Complex in al-Hussein neighborhood.

For further information, please call (07718003738).
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