One of the memorizers of the Holy Quran Institute gets first place in the second Quranic contest for people with visual disabilities.

The memorizer "Hafedh" Mohammed Abd-Ali Kamash, one of the teachers of the Institute of the Holy Quran at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine / Hindiah branch, ranked first in the memorization in the second Quranic contest for people with visual disabilities, qualifying for international competitions held by the National Center for the Sciences of the Holy Quran of the Shiite endowment, which recently concluded its activities in Najaf province in cooperation with the special secretariat of the shrine of the great companion Maytham al-Tammar (may Allah be pleased with him).
Twenty-two readers and memorizers of the Holy Quran from all over Iraq participated in the preliminary competitions organized previously by the National Center in Baghdad and the provinces. They competed to represent Iraq in international forums and competitions. This competition was supervised by a specialized committee composed of international Quran sciences specialists.
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