Research session about Imam al-Baqer (peace be upon him).

The Hall of Imam al-Hassan (peace be upon him) for Conferences and Seminars at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine hosted the second research session on Saturday afternoon the 1st of Rajab 1440 AH corresponding to March 9, 2019, held within the fifth edition of the Annual Cultural Festival of Imam al-Baqer (peace be upon him), which is organized by the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine under the slogan "Imam al-Baqer (peace be upon him) the keeper of knowledge and the utmost example of magnanimity" in the presence of a number of researchers, academics and clerics.

This session, which was characterized by its thematic and modernist research focusing about Imam al-Baqer (peace be upon him), included reading the abstracts of three research:

The first research of Sheikh Ali Mohan from the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, entitled: (Imam al-Baqer and his contributions to the ideological side).

The second research of Dr. Sarhan Jafat from the Center for International Research and Studies, entitled: (Reform efforts of Imam al-Baqer (peace be upon him) - Imam al-Baqer founder of the school of reform in Islamic civilization).

Third research of Dr. Jumaa al-Hamdani from the University of Dhi Qar, entitled: (the role of Imam al-Baqer (peace be upon him) in the face of intellectual deviation).

The session included also many interventions and questions of the attendees and positive interaction between the researchers.
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