Relief and Support Division meets with representatives of its units in the provinces.

As part of its series of periodic meetings, the relief and support division of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine held an extensive meeting attended by all the heads and representatives of its units in the governorates in order to review and discuss the support presented in the previous period, whether to the security forces and popular mobilization or through other humanitarian campaigns.
The meeting, which was chaired by Sheikh Abbas Al-Akayshi, discussed the progress of work in the next phase and the future work of the relief and support units. The division also commended the efforts of its units in the governorates and all the logistical support accompanying them. The discussion included also the preparation for the relief of the province of al-Muthanna [Samawah], defining the dates and program of the campaign for the relief of the needy families and the families of martyrs and the wounded.
It is noteworthy that the Division of Relief and Support at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine is one of the active divisions that has the responsibility of a range of services and humanitarian campaigns in all governorates of Iraq.
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