More than 700 carpets were spread on the courtyard between the two holy shrines for the Eid prayer.

The head of the Carpets Unit in the Department of the area between the two holy shrines; Mr. Mohamad Saleh Mahdi, stated to al-Kafeel Network: "In the last three days of the holy month of Ramadhan, we transferred more than 700 carpets from the warehouses belonging to the department between the two holy shrines located outside the old city to the square between the two holy shrines. Then we have temporarily stored these carpets in the warehouses near the courtyard between the two Holy Shrines, with the help of the staffs of the rest of the divisions."

He added: "On the eve of Eid, we started the process of spreading the carpets on the courtyard between the two Holy Shrines to cover it in full with more than 700 red carpet with decorations that fit the sanctity of the place, and we have also allocated a special place to women so that they can perform the Eid prayer group.

Adding: "The corridors were also set up to allow visitors to walk between the two sacred shrines, but these corridors were closed before the start of the prayer because the square became dedicated to the Eid prayer, for which hundreds of believers gathered to perform it near the two holy shrines of the Master of martyrs and his brother Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon them) "He said.

He pointed out: "After completing the performance of the Eid prayers, we have conducted a quick cleaning of carpets with the help of the employees of the service unit in the department, and then we began to load and return them to the stores of the departments."

Mahdi said: "The process of transporting and returning carpets was carried out by the vehicles Division of our department, and its staffs have made great efforts to complete this process, which conducted with the help of more than one division and unit in the department of the area between the two Holy Shrines."
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