100% success rate of vertebral scoliosis operations in the al-Kafeel Hospital.

Continuing the series of successes achieved by the al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital in carrying out operations in all its specialties, its administration announced achieving 100% success rates in the operations of vertebral scoliosis, which is the imbalance of the shoulders, causing the appearance of back curvature.

Dr. Wael Qassem, a specialist in neurosurgery at the hospital, said: "We conducted these operations with ease and in accordance with what is going on in the hospital's peers globally, because of the availability of modern techniques and equipment in the hospital and medical teams possessing the expertise that are consistent with the modernity of medical devices and equipment.”

Indicating: "We have conducted the surgeries to adjust the spine curvature [vertebral scoliosis] with 100% success rate, which is a good rate for the specialized hospitals. The rate of the curvature's adjustment was according to the patient's health status. for some cases the adjustments were for 100% while for others it was 70%, and so on. However, overall, all operations achieved the desired results, which was reflected positively on the patients of different ages, young and old.

He explained: "These operations are processes that need precision and skill in their implementation, as we put the vertebrates to the right position by stabilizing them, and thus the patient's natural appearance is restored and he/she is able to see what is in front of him/her while standing on his/her feet."
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