The most important points stated by the Supreme Religious Authority in the second sermon of Friday prayer

The supreme religious authority stated in the second sermon of Friday prayer of the 8th of Dhu al-Qi'dah 1440 AH corresponding to July 12, 2019, which was held in the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and led by his eminence Sayed Ahmad al-Safi, important moral and educational points in relation to our reality, such as:

  • There is no doubt that the identity of every nation is its source of pride
  • We are proud of the diversity in Iraq.
  • One of the basic pillars in the composition of this people is the tribes.
  • The Iraqi tribes have a long and important history and countless honorable steps.
  • In addition to the well-known morals and values of the tribes from generosity, courage, nobility, etc.
  • These tribes were a source of education for many to listen to their councils, guidance and advices, shaping virtual youth, contributing positively in the emergence of youth with noble values and morals that we are all proud of.
  • Recently, some things began to emerge and offend the values of the tribes.
  • Some of the parasitic behaviors started affecting the noble values of the tribes.
  • For example some of the conflicts are not concluded unless exorbitant amount of money is given.
  • Some fabricate problems for the purpose of material benefit, making this matter becoming purely financial, neglecting the values and virtues, and this became the prevalent situation.
  • Noting that in religious point of view these huge sums of money are unfair.
  • The falsification of the facts, meaning the clan supports its member even if he is wrong.
  • This is a matter that the wise people refuse.
  • In every conflict, there is one who is wrong. It is impossible to find that both sides are angels.
  • Advice must be given them to the wrongdoer, and we do not support him just because he is a member of our tribe, and we start falsifying truth and facts for this sake. This is all wrong.
  • There has been disruptions in some institutions. This does not make any sense.
  • As long as logic exists and the mind exists, things are solved much easier.
  • Your right can be taken in a way that preserves everyone's existence.
  • One has to find suitable solutions to treat the mistake, and not seek reactions that are greater than the mistake itself.
  • What a shame in our country people who face problems in a way that is far away from the ultimate objectivity.
  • The application of the law, as some of the state employees complain that once they apply the law, the tribe will punish them.
  • So if a member of a tribe is a wrongdoer, and gets his legal punishment, the tribe members will punish he who punished him!
  • Where are the noble virtues of the tribes?!
  • There must be accepted custom that do not clash with the law and the religion.
  • When someone makes a mistake, he must be held accountable according to the accepted customs, law and religion.
  • The phenomenon of suicide. This phenomenon did not exist before, and if there is, it is rare cases!
  • But now it is mainly spread among the youth.
  • It is well-known that at the beginning of youth, people are not extensively experienced and may go through a financial crisis: which may result in a loss of money, an academic experience in which one fails, or an emotional experience in which, for example, a man trying to marry a woman finds what impedes their way.
  • One of the mistakes young people make, especially those accompanied by pessimistic friends, is committing suicide.
  • This is due to inattentive fathers or families that must guide their children and constantly teach them the best ethics.
  • In addition, when a young person sees there is no way to relieve themselves from an issue, they think departing this life is the only solution.
  • My sons, my dear young people, you are in the prime of your youth and prospects for a better future.
  • It is inappropriate to end your life due to one or even ten unsuccessful experiences, but you ought to learn from such experiences.
  • We advise the young not to take advice from losers; those who should have advised themselves first, and should listen to successful people.
  • Committing suicide is of no courage; it is merely a loser’s act of escaping their life, leaving a tragic family behind – an insane person is the one who may reject their life.
  • Committing suicide is strange to the Iraqi society; it never existed previously.
  • Difficult circumstances or unemployment is not a justification for committing suicide.
  • Young people should challenge difficult circumstances and remain ambitious and optimistic.
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