A number of works are carried out by the staff of the Planning and Operations Division in the warehouse department.

A great effort is made by the warehouse department of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine by carrying out the work of preparing the materials and storing them following the latest methods and mechanisms of inventory work. Among the divisions of this department is the Division of Planning and Operations of the warehouse, which undertakes the execution and implementation of several computer tasks.

Director of the Planning and Operations Division, Mr. Haidar Waheed explained to the al-Kafeel Global Network the nature of the division's work: "Many tasks are assigned to us and that are distributed on the division's units: The Central Computing Unit performs the filtering process for the documents that are released by the warehouse units. The mentioned unit verifies the correctness and the accuracy of the data entered in the incoming document, such as the prices, names and code number of the material, after which the information is installed and the document is then transferred to the inventory unit."

"The inventory unit in turn transfers the information stored in the documents and converts them into cards, where each card has two copies, a copy that remains with us and the other at the concerned store, so that the inventory process is optimized. Among the tasks of this unit is to identify the mistakes that may occur in information and data, to be corrected. "

He continued: "Work continues in our unit to reach the unit of receivables, which is concerned with the registration of the so-called fixed materials that are the non-consumable materials, and installed in the custody of the associate. The follow-up unit is assigned to Warehouse Department need of the maintenance of its equipment, as well as the follow up of the official documents and the work and performance of the warehouse units of the department.

He pointed out: "The Division establishes, from time to time, courses to teach the mechanism of inventory work, whether these courses for the staff, cadres or secretaries of the warehouses departments of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine of external warehouses."

It is worth mentioning that the warehouse department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine performs the tasks of processing and storing the materials, becoming the joint basis of the departments of the holy shrine. It works to organize and preserve the properties, supplies, tools and devices necessary for the holy shrine, while applying the modern and advanced work contexts in which the warehouses operate.
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