Serving the visitors is an honor for us: The services provided by the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine to the visitors of Arba'een.

The al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine laid out a security and service plan for the commemoration of the Ziyarat Arba'een of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), and it started the implementation of its first stages since the first visitors started arriving to the holy city of Karbala, and will continue until the twentieth of Safar. The holy shrine has mobilized all its mechanisms and harnessed all its staff to prepare all the service and logistic requirements of the visitors and the Hussayni processions.

And in order to provide services in parallel with the millions of visitors, the holy shrine has undertaken a number of procedures following the set up plan, either inside or outside the holy shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him). These services were as follows:

  • 1- Adding spaces and equipping them with all supplies to accommodate visitors.
  • 2- Dividing the holy sanctuary of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) to many parts and determining the gates of entry and exit of visitors, in order to ease and smooth movement of visitors and absorb the momentum in peak moments.
  • 3- Mobilization of all departments of the holy shrine, especially the departments that are in direct contact with the visitors.
  • 4- Recruiting groups of volunteers to help the employees of the holy shrine in order to contribute in providing services to visitors and organizing their movement.
  • 5- Printing thousands of posters and informational guides for visitors and publishing them on the roads leading to the province of Karbala in several languages.
  • 6- Participating in the project of Quranic stations to teach the correct reading and to support this project.
  • 7- Participating in the project of religious reporting of the Hawza in Najaf.
  • 8- Launching a number of electronic applications that contribute to guide the visitor.
  • 9- Working on an integrated media plan to convey the events of Ziyarat Arba'een by print, audio, video and electronic means.
  • 10- Participating along the security forces in maintaining the security of the visitors by the fighters from the al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad.
  • 11- Creating a fleet of special busses for the transfer of visitors in various capabilities and services.
  • 12- Distribution of tons of waste bags on the condolence service processions.
  • 13- Preparing hundreds of [golf] cars for the transport of elderly people who cannot walk on foot.
  • 14- Sustaining and equipping the service complexes for the visitors, which are located on the roads leading to the holy city of Karbala (Host complex of the holy shrine, al-'Alqami complex, Sheikh Kulayni complex.).
  • 15- Preparing and maintaining the sanitary centers inside and outside the city.
  • 16- Washing and cleaning large numbers of blankets and mattresses for the accommodation of visitors that ae distributed to them when they stay in the service complexes.
  • 17- Deployment of a number of centers for the guidance of the lost and missing persons, which will operate with a new plan and mechanism.
  • 18- Launching a live broadcast of the march of Arba'een from the south up to Karbala as well as the other activities, by the al-Kafeel Division of photography and artistic production.
  • 19- Equipping the medical unit with medicines and appropriate treatments and the deployment of a medical and nursing staff that will be present during the Ziyarat.
  • 20- Establishing an additional number of storage places for the bags.
  • 21- Comprehensive maintenance of water containers in and outside the holy sanctuary.
  • 22- Creating additional numbers of disposable goblets for drinking water.
  • 23- Providing the Host restaurant of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine with quantities of food in order to be cooked and distributed to visitors.
  • 24- Department of Religious Affairs has prepared communication plan throughout the period of the Ziyarat inside and outside the holy sanctuary.
  • 25- Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs has printed a number of the intellectual and cultural publications in form of booklets, magazines or brochures to be distributed to visitors.
  • 26- Department of maintaining the order has prepared a security plan in cooperation with holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and the security forces in the province.
  • 27- Preparing and sustaining the places to remove shoes and adding other places that will be opened during the peak days.
  • 28- Department of rituals, processions and Hussayni bodies has prepared a work plan to receive and organize the condolence processions during the days of Ziyarat.
  • 29- Preparing the basements of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, both internal and external ones, and equipping them with the comfort means for the accommodation of the visitors.
  • 30- Preparing and adding a number of waste containers and putting them in the internal and external roads.
  • 31- Opening service processions to provide services to the visitors including in the al-Kafeel nursery and other in the Saqqa 2 complex, in al-Kafeel Institute of information technology and another subsidiary of Noor al-Kafeel Investments.
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