The nursery of the Sheikh Kulayni Complex produces new kinds of seasonal plants.

The agriculture unit of the Sheikh Al-Kulayni Complex of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced the production of new kinds of plants and seasonal seedlings that suit the weather conditions and work is continuing to increase the best and most important types of seedlings, especially perennial and flowering seedlings that enrich the gardens of the complex with beautiful and attractive views to be a qualitative breakthrough in the development and improvement of the complex and beautifying it.

Ali Mahdi Abbas Al-Safi, the official of the complex, said: "We have a special nursery for the complex with an area of ​​(200 square meters) and we started work on 1/8/2019. The nursery of the complex represents breeding incubators of many varieties of seedlings planted in the complex by providing all suitable conditions inside the greenhouse prepared in the nursery to ensure good varieties of high quality seedlings, by planting winter and summer plants.

Al-Safi added: "Our work in the nursery is continuous throughout the year, as we do not specialize in season but we work according to a set timetable. And because of the few plants and seedlings planted in the winter and beyond, we have decided the introduction of new kinds and proliferating other kinds such as small seedlings, as well as seasonal seedlings.

And al-Safi explained: "The source of these plants, which we provide to the complex comes through two ways, either by planting seeds for seedlings of ornamental plants or permanent in plastic anvils."

Al-Safi added that this step aims to give the external appearance of the streets and gardens of the city different colors that do not exist currently, as there is a group of staff of the agriculture unit who have high expertise in the proliferation of seedlings, have planted and proliferated seasonal agricultural seedlings, which gave the nursery a role in the progress and advancement of its work.
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