The servants of Aba Al Fadl Al Abbas (peace be upon him) prays for the safety of Iraq and its people.

We only have you O Master, you know the situation is difficult

Injustice, pain and fear! When the salvation will come?

Each of us with a tear in the eyes

Wolves and hyenas are attacking us, our world has become jungle.

This Iraq is yours, O Son of the most immaculate

Our homeland needs your prayer and you know our wound

Let us complain and only you can wipe away our tears

We ask you to pray for us O Master of the Time!

With these words the servants of Aba Al Fadl Al Abbas (peace be upon him) ended their worship ritual, which they perform every Monday and Thursday afternoon carrying the flags of Iraq, as they did not forget to remember their country Iraq in these current events, which was their habit since the beginning of this movement of demonstrations demanding their legitimate rights.

As after reading the Ziyarat of Aba Al Fadl Al Abbas (peace be upon him) and the hymn of the holy shrine of al-Abbas (peace be upon him); Tune of Pride, the servants of the Moon of Baní Hashem sang poems about the present situation of the country, and praying God Almighty for the safety and security of the country.
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