The al-'Ameed University introduces a college of pharmacy.

The al-'Ameed University of the Department of Education and Higher Education at the al-Abbas's (p) the Holy Shrine, announced the creation of the College of Pharmacy for the current academic year (2019 - 2020), after completing the legal and fundamental approvals and approval by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and fulfilling the development conditions, to complement Its medical colleges group including the College of (Medicine - Nursing - Dentistry).

The university presidency announced that the admission to this college will be from the academic year (2019-2020), after the university has secured the requirements for studying in it from specialized professors, classrooms and laboratories.

The creation of the college in the light of the future directions of the university, which always seeks scientific progress in setting its expansion plans, came according to the need to enhance the requirements of the educational process and absorb its outputs from students at the secondary level.

Thus, the College of Pharmacy will, according to the data, be one of the al-Ameed University's ambitious colleges, which will constitute a qualitative addition to the profession of pharmacy and the medical and pharmaceutical process. As it will focus on multiple pharmaceutical sciences, starting from the pharmaceutical industry, clinical pharmacy services and patient service in the best and most modern ways, as it included a group of instructors in various disciplines, as well as the infrastructure that suit the status of the al-Ameed University and the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine.

It is noteworthy that the Al-'Ameed University's mission is to prepare a model capable of competing between Iraqi universities, and to adopt a culture of dialogue and the use of educational methods and modern means in a climate of cooperation and belonging to the homeland, in light of the Iraqi national standards for teaching and learning, and with a vision that works as a model in leadership and excellence in higher education at the Iraqi national level by the year 2030 (2030), and aims to create an active generation that has encompassed comprehensive development in all respects from distinguished human resources and a supportive learning environment.
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