The Relief and Support Division supports through its processions the demonstrators in Diwaniyah city.

The Relief and Support Division of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, through its units deployed in a number of governorates and the associated logistical support processions, continues tirelessly to support the movement of peaceful demonstrations and demonstrators, including the Diwaniyah city unit that harnessed its efforts to provide what is needed to the demonstrators in the clock square (the place dedicated to demonstrating).

The support of these processions, as indicated by those responsible for them, includes providing meals for demonstrators at three times per day, in addition to participation and daily attendance to contribute to their aid and assistance until their legitimate demands are met.

It is noteworthy that the Relief and Support Division, since the start of the demonstrations movement, had a supportive stance that started from Tahrir Square in Baghdad, and extended to the rest of the demonstration squares in other provinces, and in many areas, including:

  • Ø Installing a marquee to provide services.
  • Ø Preparing meals for the demonstrators.
  • Ø Distribution of food, water and juices.
  • Ø Providing medical assistance by paramedics.
  • Ø Contributing to the medical aid for the injured.
  • Ø Moral support through the presence of most of the procession services in the demonstration yards.
  • Ø Providing some equipment used by the demonstrators, such as helmets, masks, and others.
  • Ø Contributing to volunteer campaigns such as cleaning and painting sidewalks.
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