On the occasion of the 99th anniversary of its founding: Al-Abbas Fighting Squad confirms its commitment to support the army to achieve its noble goals.

On the occasion of the ninety-ninth anniversary of the founding of the valiant Iraqi army, the Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad; 26th brigade of the Popular Mobilization issued a statement, which states:
At a time when the leadership of the Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad is presenting its congratulations to our heroic Iraqi army, on the occasion of the ninety-ninth anniversary of its founding, which was and still is the broad wall of the homeland and its impenetrable dam, it extends its deep thanks to the supreme authority His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Sistani, for his parental care for our valiant army, as he did not leave his children without guidance or support and was the best help in the ordeal.
And as we recall the blood of the sons of this noble army in defending the dear homeland and the sanctity of its noble people, especially in the great battle against the hateful ISIS enemy, we affirm that the Squad is committed to the same principle that was established for it and the same method in support of the valiant army, to achieve its noble goals, as well as supporting the efforts of our mother organization, the Popular Mobilization Body, to develop its infrastructures and technological capabilities so that it can perform its sacred duty in accordance with future challenges.
We recall on this occasion our hero martyrs who watered the tree of eternity with their pure blood, the apparent sacrifices of our heroic wounded fighters, and the legendary steadfastness of our great people who have been supporting their heroic forces, to achieve the victory over the enemies.
The mercy and eternity for our righteous martyrs, the reward and the speedy recovery for the dear wounded, and the gratitude and honor to the dear and sacrificing families.
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