Al-Wafa Residential complex reaches advanced stages.

The Engineering Maintenance Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced that the work on the Al-Wafa Residential Complex project for housing the families of the martyrs of the al-Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad, reached to advanced stages exceeding the rate of (60%) and the work is continuing to complete it within the timelines and its plans.

The head of the department, Eng. Samir Abbas, stated: “The project located in the Karbala Governorate / Al-Faris Annex is implemented by the External Facilities Division in our department, and we pay special attention to it because it targets a very special group, and this is the least we can offer them in front of the sacrifices they presented. So one see the workers are dedicated and make additional efforts. "

He added: "The works are distributed over the entire project area of ​​(2,500) square meters, and its first phase included the construction of the eight residential houses on an area of ​​(200) square meters for each house, to which is added the infrastructure, electricity, etc. In the construction work, the hollow concrete block was used. Each house includes two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a reception hall, a lounge, and a kitchen. "

Engineer Samir stressed: "The electrical and sanitary installation works and the rest of the finishing works are carried out successively from one house to another, and it has been verified that all the completed works are in conformity with the approved designs."

Mr. Maitham Al Zaidi, General Supervisor of the Al Abbas Fighting Squad, said in a previous statement: "Our ambition is to welcome all the families of the martyrs of the popular mobilization and the security forces who responded to the call of the supreme religious authority, and this first residential complex to house the families of the martyrs of the Al Abbas Fighting Squad in the Mulhaq Al Wafaa district of Karbala is a first step in this great project."

It is worth mentioning that this housing project is only a small recognition for the great sacrifices made by these heroes for this country, and to their families who sacrificed the dearest ones for the defense of Iraq, its people and its sanctuaries.
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