A charitable market to support more than 700 families of martyrs and poor families in Baghdad Governorate.

Processions of logistical support within the Al-Kadhemiya unit of the Relief and Support Division in the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine organized a charitable market for more than 700 families in the areas of (Nahrawan - Diyala Bridge - Al-Zafaraniya), within the administrative borders of the capital Baghdad, and marked by (Al-Wafa Charity Market).

On this humanitarian initiative, Haj Abu Amin al-Fartousi, official of the Holy Kadhemiya unit, said: “This initiative is part of previous initiatives organized by the division and included several provinces, in order to contribute to alleviating the burdens of the families of the martyrs and the poor ones, and in gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices made by these generous families for the sake of the this country and its holy sites."

He added: "Foodstuffs of all kinds were distributed in this market, and other items that the family needs in addition to various clothes and household items inside the markets' halls. These families have made a marketing tour and took their needs in a way that preserves their dignity amid the welcome of those in charge of this initiative."

As for Mr. Qassim Al-Maamouri, Associate Officer of the Relief and Support Division, he explained: “The believers are racing to obtain reward through some actions, which differ according to different intentions. The participants had on their chests badges bearing the name of the al-Kafeel; Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him), while they are providing their services to this group of families of martyrs and families in need. We have reached Baghdad governorate with a delegation from the division’s administration to stand on the ground on the scale of the charity work carried out by the Kadhemiya unit and the processions under it, and it is fulfilling its human role that embodies the work of the believers and the effort they exert and provide services to various segments of the needy families. "

It is noteworthy that the Kadhemiya Unit has not only been working in the field of providing assistance to the families of martyrs and poor and needy families, but there is a special committee to build and restore the role of the poor, and weekly campaigns to the various districts of the popular mobilization to support the fighters stationed in all districts.
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