The installation of the first metal parts of the Safi Safa Shrine's grid.

The head of the department of the manufacture of grids and doors of Holy Shrines at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine; Mr. Nadhem Al-Ghurabi: “The technical and engineering staff of the department began installing metal parts of the grid of the tomb of Atheeb Al-Yamani known as (Safi Safa) - may God be pleased with him- in the province of Najaf, And that after the completion of the installation of the wooden structure of the grid according to the plan laid down for these works, which are conducted in parallel lines without intersection with the other, in order to complete all the works within the timelines specified for them.

He added: "The first of these parts that have been installed are:

- The columns of the pillars (four columns distributed over the pillars of the holy grid), which are considered one of the most important parts and pieces of the grid, as they were characterized by very high industrial features in terms of manufacturing and installation, they are manufactured in a way of sculpting on pure silver panels, with carvings and floral and Islamic motifs that have indications inspired from the tomb. The height of each column is (180 cm), its width is (8 cm) and its weight is (4 kg).

- Starting to install the 14 (bottom bases) distributed over the perimeter of the grid and on which the knotworks (Duhnat) are based.

- Fixing four of the knotworks, which are considered to be the base for them as they were manufactured according to the highest specifications and the best quality. The grid consists of 13 sections in addition to the grid's door, the size of each section is (82 cm x 175 cm) with the frame. And each section consists of eight columns and (19) rows, and each section consists of (331 Zubana), (152 balls) and (54 hemispheres), to be the total number (4303 Zubana), (1976 balls), (702 hemispheres).

- The direct installation of the alabaster pieces of the Italian (multi-onyx) type called the "Al-Shazhar One", which is located at the bottom of the wooden structure of the grid and surrounds it from all its sides. There are 14 pieces in form of arches, with a length of (100 cm) and (111 cm) and height (25 cm), and each piece is distributed according to its location of the grid. Taking into consideration the color harmony with the alabaster that will be used to cladding the surrounding area later. "

Al-Ghurabi stressed: "The mentioned pieces that will follow, in addition to the fine craftsmanship in their manufacture, are characterized by high strength and durability, which will give them additional ability to resist for longer periods of time thanks to the precision in the installation that was done in a hidden wat in order to make all pieces be as one part on the wooden frame. "
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