Important: The statement of the Supreme Religious Authority on the current situation of the country.

The representative of the supreme religious authority read during the sermon of the Friday prayer of the 12th Jumada II 1441 AH corresponding to February 7, 2020, held at the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) the text received from the office of the supreme religious authority in Najaf.

His Eminence Sayed Ahmad al-Safi said:

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,

"Dear brothers and sisters ... I read to you the text received from the office of his eminence Sayed al-Sistani in Najaf:

Two things to note about this week's events:

First: In spite of the repeated calls made by the religious authority on the need to reject violence and commitment to the peacefulness of demonstrations, and to purify the popular movement demanding reform from actions that harm people’s interests and lose citizens ’solidarity and sympathy, this did not prevent unfortunate and painful accidents in the past days. Unfortunately, precious blood was unjustly shed, the last of which was what happened in the holy city of Najaf last Wednesday evening.

At a time when the religious authority condemns all the attacks and abuses that took place from any party, and extends its condolences to the families who lost loved ones due to this and prays for the speedy recovery for the wounded ones, it affirms what has already been indicated on another occasion that the official security forces are indispensable to keeping the country from falling into the abyss of chaos and disturbing public order, as they must bear responsibility for maintaining security and stability, protecting peaceful protesters and their gathering places, revealing the identities of aggressors and infiltrators, and protecting the interests of citizens from the attacks of saboteurs. There is no justification for them to stop fulfilling their duties in this regard, or for anyone to stop them from doing so or addressing what is at the heart of their duties. And they must act with complete professionalism and refrain from using violence in dealing with peaceful protests and prevent the transgression of those involved in them, and at the same time prevent the damage to public or private property of any excuse.

Second: The religious authority set out in a previous sermon its vision to overcome the current political crisis, and made it clear that the new government that replaces the outgoing one should be worthy of people's confidence and is capable of alleviating situations and restoring the state prestige and to carry out necessary steps to hold early elections in a calm environment far from the side influences of money, illegal weapons, or external interference. And the religious authority asserts again that it is not concerned with the intervention or expressing any opinion on any of the steps taken in this path.
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