The women's library projects within the United Nations map for sustainable development

The Women's Library Division at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has included a number of its projects in the United Nations' international map for sustainable development projects, adding to the map six cultural development projects that it had adopted, considering that the division has achieved several of the (17) goals it adopted, within Its initiative launched in 2015, which it seeks to achieve by the end of the year 2030.
And according to the official of the Library Division, Mrs. Asmaa Al-Abadi: "The women's library has adopted various cultural activities and events, and during its implementation it has worked to meet the requirements of the United Nations map, and, praise be to God Almighty, six projects have been added to this map through the Center for Indexing and Information Systems."
And she added: "The added projects are:
Educational Seminars Project.
The Friends of the Library and Culture Pioneers project.
Knowledge Project for the Preparation, Qualification and Supply of Libraries.
Health Awareness Initiative Project on Corona pandemic.
A project to develop and enhance professional skills.
The annual Women's Media Forum project.
Al-Abadi concluded, "We will work to add other projects that match the efforts made by the staff of the women library division."
Mrs. Al-Abadi praised the level of efforts made by the employees of the women's library, through the application of these and other activities that were eligible to be recognized internationally, and to demonstrate in practice that it is a key partner in achieving the goals of the sustainable development process.
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