The water sources of Alkafeel Mineral Water Company

Alkafeel Mineral Water Company has many advantages that made it in a short period be in the advanced ranks of its counterparts in Iraq, and made its product obtain reassurance and acceptability by the citizen, and one of those advantages that it has is its dependence in raw water sources on well water, for what it contains Natural ingredients useful for the body.
The director of the aforementioned company, Engineer Rasoul Abdel-Redha Al-Ramahi, explained: "The water used in the plant is well water; because it contains minerals that are beneficial to the human body, and this is one of the advantages that the laboratory has distinguished, because the liquefaction water contains chlorine that leads to health problems when mixed with ozone and ultraviolet radiation. "
He added: "The water extracted from the wells, and after it has proven laboratory success and its suitability for human use, goes through several stages, starting with filtering the drawn water, and transporting it to tanks for sedimentation, then moving to the filtration stage from the impurities stuck in it, and then transferred again to tanks to pass to the stage of filtering from suspended odors, and this process is carried out by coal, to be finally saved in special tanks in order to start withdrawing the salts contained in them, by passing water in (membranes) which are special devices to filter the water from the salts, after that the water is sterilized by ozone gas and exposed to ultraviolet radiation in order to sterilize it, so that the water is safe to drink after that, and all these stages are conducted automatically with the latest production lines. "
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