The al-Ameed International Center publishes the (nineteenth and twentieth) editions of the scientific journal Bahir.

The al-'Ameed International Center for Research and Studies of the Division of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, has issued for the fifth year; The tenth volume with two numbers (nineteenth and twentieth) of the Bahir scientific journal specialized in natural and engineering sciences. This volume included a series of nine research papers in the English language.
With regard to these two numbers, the consultative and editorial bodies of the journal indicated: “Two new issues (nineteenth and twentieth) of Bahir journal are accomplished by the workers in it, after they agreed on the importance of what they include in various scientific disciplines, and the fulfillment of the approved scientific arbitration procedures, and all that comes with the will to provide the march of scientific research in Iraq and the world, with all that is new and keeping pace with the spirit and aspirations of the times, as well as providing an opportunity for scientific and research mobility that motivates the discovery of the unknown, and to stand on the developments of every scientific discipline."
They explained: "Because (Al-Bahir Journal) is specialized in natural and engineering sciences, the researches of the two numbers were distributed in these two fields, and thus (Al-Bahir) records a scientific addition that attracts attention and praise, and all this is accomplished in exceptional circumstances in Iraq."
And they continued: "We put in the hands of the readers of (Al-Bahir) this addition of scientific contributions, in order to stimulate the spirit of influence in the ideas of researchers, to keep pace and maintain the momentum of purposeful scientific research, as well as to monitor the developments of science and stand on a set of scientific essentials, especially what needs to legalization and interpretation, which reflects the depth of the importance of the selected topics, which can be studied and turned to in research and exploration. "
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