Carrying out woodwork and implementing the infrastructures for the first part of the Hayat Building project in Baghdad

The staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine began to implement the plans, infrastructures and wood template for the first part of the total area of ​​the Fifth Hayat Lobby project for treating people with corona virus in the capital Baghdad, for the benefit of the Health Department within the vicinity of Ibn Al-Qaf Hospital.
The engineer of the project, Karar Brihi, explained to the al-Kafeel Network, saying: “Given the wide area of ​​the project and for the purpose of continuing the work in a successive way, it was divided into parts according to the project area of ​​(5000) square meters, and after the designs for the project were completed and approved, and the works of ground preparation were completed for the first part of ​​(1377) square meters, we have started to implemented the plans of the project, which will include (56) single rooms(Suites), in addition to starting the work of the wooden template. "
He added: "During this time, other works are carried out in parallel such as infrastructure works for this part, in addition to continuing the ground preparation work for the rest of the other parts, according to a plan developed for this purpose that includes the completion of the project within the timings and technical specifications related to it."
Noting: "The works also included pouring this section's floor with concrete after arming it with iron, so that this part would be ready for the steel cutting work that will be followed by the installation of the (sandwich panel) section, and then move to the next part and then to the next and so according to the stages of the sequential work."
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