The works of the fourth Hayat building in Karbala are carried out according with parallel lines and in a sequential manner.

The works of the Fourth Hayat Lobby building for the treatment of those affected by the Corona virus, which are implemented by the staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, are witnessing remarkable progress as the project features begin to appear. The work is being carried out according to what is planned in time and implementation according to the specifications specified for it. And it proceeds successively without tiredness or boredom, as there is an exceptional effort made to complete the project as soon as possible, as a result of the increase in the number of affected by this virus, and in order to contribute to increasing the clinical capacity of the Karbala Health Department.

This was reported to the al-Kafeel Network, by the engineer of the project, Mohamed Mustafa Al-Taweel, who added: "The works were divided on the lobby project in two parts; one for the isolation halls and the other allocated to the consulting clinics and their annexes, and this is what has been accomplished or what is being done:

First: The second section devoted to three-bed isolation halls, which has an area of ​​600 square meters and includes 15 halls, in addition to rooms for medical, nursing and administrative staff, has reached the fifth stage of work, which includes:

- Completion of wall covering with insulation sections (Gypsum Board), at 100%.

- Beginning the work of painting these pieces with special materials that make them ready for dyeing.

- Installing windows that were manufactured in the engineering maintenance department workshops, and the completion rate reached more than 50%.

- The installation of external cooling parts (split unit) is completed at 100%.

- The completion of fixing the walls of the bathrooms of the halls, which are made of (PVC) material that was manufactured in the department's workshops as well, and proceeding with installing the plastic strips.

- The rate of completion of installing the air fresh system has reached more than 60%, which includes installing main ducts and connecting them to the hallways.

- The work of installing ducts for the system of drawing to get rid of polluted air and put it out, with an estimated rate of more than 65%.

- Wiring works of the alarm system and installing its sensors, and its completion rate reached 70%.

- Electrical work and its wiring reached a completion rate of 70%. -the electrical system was designed for this part and for the rest of the parts in a way that is appropriate for their consumption and development in the future.

The second section allocated to consulting clinics and laboratories, in addition to other service rooms, the work was distributed as follows:

- 100% completion rate of covering the steel structure with (sandwich panel) sections.

- Starting installing the plaster board (gypsum board), the completion rate has reached 30%.

- Fixing the external cooling parts (Split Unit), and the completion rate has reached 40%.

- Installing the ducts of the pull and push air systems, and the completion rate reached 75%.

Al-Taweel stressed: "The work is continuous for more than (18) hours a day. And all materials included in the work have been subjected to technical and medical tests, to ensure their suitability for the implementation of the project. And there are continuous sterilization work for the project and its employees, to prevent them from the epidemic as the work is implemented near an isolation lobby. "
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