A medical team from Al-Kafeel Hospital succeeds in treating a patient whose condition was difficult to treat in a number of hospitals.

A medical team in plastic and aesthetic surgery at Al Kafeel Specialized Hospital was able to treat thirty years old patient with inflamed fourth-degree bed sore, which a number of hospitals were unable to treat.
"The medical team in our presidency succeeded in treating a thirteen-year-old man from Diyala Governorate who was suffering from a bed sore of the fourth degree, as he was disabled because of a terrorist act," said the doctor at the hospital, Dr. Montaser Al-Difa'i.
The doctor added: "Such cases are only received in specialized centers, because the rate of ulcers returning to the patient again reaches 60% after the operation."
He explained: "The case was received at Al Kafeel Specialized Hospital, and he underwent a surgery that lasted for about four hours, during which the ulcers were permanently closed, and the surgery was successful and the patient is in good health."
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