The al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine supplies the seventh Hayat building in Babylon with a medical oxygen system.

The Department of Maintenance and Engineering Construction at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced that the installation of a medical oxygen system has been completed in the Seventh Hayat Building to treat Coronavirus patients in Babylon Governorate, located within the vicinity of Marjan Medical Hospital, which work has reached its final stages.
This is what Ammar Salah, the engineer of the project, explained to the al-Kafeel network, and added: “Supplying this building with the oxygen system is one of the additions that have been developed for it, and it consists of two oxygen-generating units with a capacity of 36 cubic meters per hour, linked to the pipeline network that has been completed, to nourish all the rooms of the building, in a way that meets their needs of oxygen material without relying on oxygen bottles, as it will meet the needs with high purity and within the medical and health specifications.
Adding: "The system is equipped with (PSA) technology that separates oxygen from the rest of the gases by absorbing the remaining gases and passing the oxygen alone with a high degree of purity."
In the conclusion of his speech, he asserted: “The work in the building is being carried out at an escalating pace and with great eagerness, continuing day and night. And the percentage of completion has exceeded 94% of the stages of the overall project completion, and after only few days, this achievement will soon see the light, to be added to the series of projects that were implemented in Karbala and outside it as a support of the al-Abbas's holy shrine to medical staffs and cadres, in its response to this epidemic and in compliance with the directives and recommendations of the supreme religious authority.
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