Opening the project of rehabilitating the area between the two holy shrines

Area between thetwo holy shrines
Aug 7, 2013. The opening of the project of rehabilitating and improving the area between the two holy shrines has been held within a stately ceremony, where even the Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction has attended.

Mr.fu'ad Ali Kadhim, stated that the project laid out in order to serve as large number of pilgrims as possible who come to Kerbala province to visit the Imam Hussein and El-Abbas holy shrines. He has also mentioned that such a project is to provide the pilgrims who attend increasingly every single year to practice their rituals and offer their prayer and supplications.

it's been mentioned that the El-Abbas holy shrine always seeks to offer the convenience to the most possible extent. it's always attempting to be the worl's cynosure for all peoples in the world.
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