Al-Ameed Scientific and Intellectual Society participates in the meeting of representatives of the Iraqi scientific societies.

The al-Ameed Scientific and Intellectual Society participated in the periodic meeting held by representatives of Iraqi scientific societies, which was held virtually and was attended by a number of officials of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, aiming to discuss the mechanisms of cooperation and joint coordination and to develop a working mechanism for them, in line with its supporting nature of the research movement that the country is witnessing

The Society was represented in this meeting by Prof. Dr. Riyadh Al-'Amidi, who explained to Al-Kafeel Network that: "The meeting presented a set of plans and mechanisms on the future work mechanism, which the Societies, including the al-Ameed Scientific and Intellectual Society, will work on."

He continued, "The new ministry's views were presented regarding the work of the scientific societies that were adopted by the Department of Research and Development, which were diagnosed through the nature of their work with scientific societies and the attendant obstacles and problems."

Al-'Amidi added: "During the meeting, an explanation and clarification of the rules for establishing approved scientific societies was given. These rules were created as a result of the large number of requests to establish new scientific societies, and for the purpose of consolidating the scientific aspect in the work of these societies, and the accompanying opinions and legal controls of the legal department in the ministry."

It is noteworthy that the Al-Ameed Scientific and Intellectual Society is officially registered in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, according to Ministerial Order No. Bt 2-7199 on 7/24/2019.
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