Christians denounce the killing of al-Hussayn and the captivity of his family (Peace be upon him and upon them).

The historians mention that when the caravan of captives arrived in Tikrit, flags were spread, and people went out with joy and happiness, so the Christians said to the army: We are innocent of what you do, you oppressors, for you killed the son of the daughter of your Prophet, and made the people of his house prisoners ?!

And in (Maali al-Sabteen) by Mazandrani he said: When they reached (Tikrit) they wrote to its governor to receive them, for we have the head of al-Hussayn. When he read the letter he ordered to raise flags and decorate the city. And he called people from every side and place of all the tribes, so he went out and received the caravan. And everyone who asked them about the head, they said: This is the head of a kharijite that refused the obedience of Yazid in the land of Iraq, in a land called Karbala, so Ubaydullah Ibn Ziyad killed him, and ordered that his head to be sent to the Levant.

A Christian man said: O people ... I was in Kufa, and this head was sent there, and it is not a head of a kharijite, but rather the head of al-Hussayn son Ali Ibn Abi Taleb, and his mother Fatima az-Zahra, and his grandfather Mohammad al-Mustafa (Allah's prayers be upon him and his family). When the Christians heard this, they took away their bells, gathered the monks, and closed the sales [the gathering of allegiance, which is the Church] as an honor for him, and said: Our God and our master, we are innocent of a people who killed the son of the daughter of their prophet.

So the governor informed them that, and thus the caravan did not enter it, and they departed from it and took on the wilderness.
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