Digital Information Center adds more than 8,000 non-Iraqi university dissertations and theses

The digital information center of the library of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has strengthened its collection with (8180) non-Iraqi university thesis and dissertation, which are considered important scientific additions.

"The center has a digital service platform aimed at supporting the scientific movement in the country, by providing a package of office and research services, for researchers, graduate students and professors of Iraqi universities, and we are working to update and develop it constantly, which contributes to providing the best services to the recipients," said the director of data processing at the said center, Mr. Ayser al-Shammari.

He added, "The addition to the digital content of the Digital Information Center is a large number of University theses and dissertations, which were discussed in non-Iraqi universities with a variety of scientific and humanitarian disciplines in both Arabic and English, to meet the need of the researcher and student".

Al-Shammari continued, "during this period in which the efforts of the workers in the center have combined, we were able to add (8180) non-Iraqi university thesis, which constituted a qualitative addition to our digital content that surpassed most other centers in terms of the number of beneficiaries, which encouraged the working staff to continue cataloging sources of this type, and work to add them according to a plan developed for this purpose".
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