For the first time in Iraq and by using the latest global equipment: al-Kafeel hospital succeeded in treating cases of breast cancer.

After the completion of the installation of the latest global device for the treatment of cancerous cases, which is a linear radiation device, and the training courses taken by the medical and therapeutic staff, the administration of the al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and for the first time in Iraq started receiving breast cancer patients as a first stage, and at the beginning of this treatment method ten intractable cases were treated, preventing the patients the breast ablation or being subject of chemotherapy sessions.

The General surgery specialist at the al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital; Dr. Layth al-Sharifi has explained: "The hospital has succeeded in the recent period to treat ten breast cancer patients in the first stage, thanks to the device that is used for the first time in Iraq and also thanks to the efficiency of the medical and therapeutic staff of the hospital, who have proved their ability to deal with such cases."

He has also explained: "The linear radiation device, which has the ability to attack the cancer cells with extreme accuracy, eliminating them without harming the healthy cells or organs adjacent to malignant tumors, is manufactures by a specialized company in the world. And our hospital is the only one in Iraq that has this device, within the list of 100 countries that are working to treat breast cancer without surgical interventional or chemotherapy doses."

It is to note that the breast cancer is one of the most deadly diseases for women in the current time, causing the death of 18.2% from all women dying from cancer, and the older women are more likely to develop breast cancer. The number of women infected with breast cancer is about 232340 and the number of deaths reaches 39320 according to the National Institute of Oncology in the United States of America.

For inquiries and to see the services provided by the hospital, please visit the official hospital website ( or call the following numbers: (07602344444) or (07602329999).
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