The Department of the Hussayni rituals and processions: Nearly 4000 service processions from Basra participates in the service of the visitors of Arba'een.

The Department of the Hussayni rituals and processions at the two holy shrines, announced that the number of the processions participating in the service of the visitors of Arba'een this year is nearly 4000 service processions, of which more than 3000 processions registered in the database of the processions' department, as the rest could not register, in addition to the Hussaynyat and residential houses that opened their doors for the visitors since the first day of the launch of the march of Arba'een in the farthest point in Basra up to its administrative borders with the provinces bordering it, including other service processions heading towards Karbala to participate in serving the visitors there.

The department pointed out that these processions have spread in all the roads used by the visitors within the administrative boundaries of the province of Basra, taking into account the areas of high density of the visitors.

Noting that the province has witnessed this year an ealy movement of the visitors towards the holy city of Karbala and that the role of the Hussayni service processions is not limited to the service side, but they have an active role in cooperation with security and service agencies in the province, and after the end of the march of the visitors in this province, the owners of these processions start walking themselves to win the honor of the service and of the Ziyarat.

It is noteworthy that a special operations room was formed for this occasion, including all the service departments, the security and health authorities in addition to the representative of the processions, joining the efforts for its success.
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