Al-'Alqami service complex harnesses all its energy to have the honor of serving the visitors of Arba'een, confirming that its services will continue after the Ziyarat.

Among the service complexes of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine that have the honor to provide services during the Arba'een of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him); al-'Alqami Complex located on the road (Karbala - Babylon), which is witnessing a service movement that began more than ten days ago to reach its peak in the coming days and will continue after the day of the Ziyarat.

The supervisor of the complex; Sayed Ali al-Musawi, explained al-Kafeel Network: "We have raised the slogan "Serving the visitor is an honor for us" in the al-'Alqami service complex. Thus, for this slogan and its application on the ground, we have harnessed all our human and material potential, and its staff is working like a bee hive without hesitation since the first hours of the morning up to late hours of the night, to provide the best services to the visitors."

And he added: "Among the services we provide to the visitors:

1- Feeding the visitors: The number of the distributed meals is 100 thousand meals per day, by three meals every day, and the number is increasing to surpass this number as we approach the blessed Ziyarat.

2- Provide accommodation to the visitors, men and women, as we have prepared places to accommodate ten thousand visitors.

3- Distribution of small meals such as fruits, cakes, soups, milk and shawarma sandwiches..

4- Water and tea are distributed continuously around the clock.

5- The complex includes a center for guiding the lost and missing and a center to give ids for the children and the elderly.

6- The complex contains a medical detachment equipped with all medical devices and equipment for medical evacuation, in addition to medicines, and are managed by medical staff, men and women.

7- A Quranic station to teach the correct recitation.

8- A center for religious guidance.

9- Integrated sanitary complexes within the complex, as well as an eternal sanitary complex managed by the complex administration, all are equally divided between men and women.

10- A place to perform the congregational prayer and religious lectures.

Al-Musawi stated: "We have invested the places and gardens inside the complex, where we erected tents to accommodate the largest number of visitors."

He continued: "The complex is managed by 125 employees plus 170 volunteers between women and men who contribute to provide these services, which will continue until after the Ziyarat."
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