The al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad completes its preparations for the liberating battle of the great Jazeera.

The al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad announced the completion of all its preparations for the battle of the great Jazeera (Island) linking between the provinces of Mosul, salahuddin and Anbar, to completely liberate it from what remains of the clutches of the ISIL terrorist gangs running from the Operations' Districts, and which have taken these areas as a place to hide for fear of the liberating forces from the security forces and the popular mobilization that defeated them.

The supervisor of the Squad; Sheikh Maitham al-Zaidi has explained that this battle will be carried out by the fighters who answered the Fatwa of the sufficient duty of Jihad from the popular mobilization, stating that the squad will lead one of the axes of this decisive battle, as there are high-level preparations and new surprises will be announced by the Squad for this battle, which will end the terrorism phase from our beloved country. A series of meetings have been held with the joint leaders to develop guidelines for this battle."
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