One year after our victory: Lessons and facts

Fatwa + Response of the Iraqis = our victory over ISIL:

*Our victory over ISIL means preserving Iraq and the countries of the area, and it also highlights that Iraq is strong by its army, police and counterterrorism forces, and the high morale of its people, leading to the restoration of Iraq's regional status among the countries of the region.

*Our victory over ISIL ---> the establishment of the second most powerful popular force in the world + raising the level of the anti-terrorism apparatus to the 12th rank worldwide.

*The sacrifices of the makers of victory, most of them from south and central Iraq -----> The exposure of the truth of terrorism, ISIL and preachers of sedition in the provinces of Nineveh, Anbar and Salahuddin who feared our people there from the alleged risk of the Shiites !!!.

*Achieving the victory by the Iraqis in three and a half years ---------> End an international project to wipe out the Iraqi state and support ISIL for (30) years !!!.

*Fatwa + Response of Iraqis to it + Crimes of ISIL in the areas that it occupied + The mercy of respondents to the fatwa of their people in these areas + logistical support of the processions + Activity of the Relief Committee of the displaced in the Office of the Supreme Religious Authority + Relief efforts of the holy shrines = erase all or most of the bad images fabricated by the terrorists and the preachers of sedition for centuries about the Shiites in the territories occupied by Al-Qaeda or ISIL throughout 13 years like Falluja.

The main reasons for the victory

Without these two main reasons, victory will not be achieved as highlighted by the religious authority in several of its speeches.

Thanks to the main and real reason for victory:

First: The supreme religious authority

Through the following points:

  1. Its Statement of the Jihadi Fatwa for the security forces against terrorism in (10/06/2014).
  2. Its general Fatwa of the sufficient duty for jihad for people in (13/06/2014).
  3. The efforts of the Committee to care for the families of martyrs in its office, which spent billions and is still continuing its work in this matter.
  4. The efforts of the Al Ain Foundation for Social Welfare, which took care of all the orphans of the martyrs of the Fatwa and the terrorism acts of ISIL.
  5. The work of the Relief Committee for the displaced in the Office of the Supreme Religious Authority.
  6. Students of the Hawza from the leaders and fighters, which dozens of them were killed and more were wounded.
  7. The committee for guidance and mobilization, which provided dozens of preachers to the fronts to support morally the fighters, and some of them were martyred.
  8. Relief committees for displaced people at the holy shrines, which have helped tens of thousands of displaced people from Nineveh, Salah al-Din and Anbar provinces.
  9. The work of the committees of the holy shrines to care for the families of the martyrs and the wounded and treat hundreds of them free of charge in the holy shrines' hospitals.
  10. The weekly Friday sermons to guide the fighters, during the weeks of the war that lasted 1275-day.

Second: the Iraqi people

Through the following matters:

  1. The Iraqis' response to the first fatwa of the security forces and the second general fatwa of the sufficient duty for Jihad, about (55%) of Iraqis who are able to bear arms were volunteers within two days of its issuance: the largest proportion in the world for volunteer work throughout history.

They were formed into new popular military formations and old party parties, all of which later formed the government's popular mobilization, while all respondents to the fatwa who were involved in the formations of the parties retained their independence from those parties.

The religious authority has said about all of them:

"we would like to stress that the first and last credit in this great epic of three years, is to the courageous fighters in all their denominations from the counterterrorism forces, federal police, brigades of the Iraqi army, air force, army aviation, the fractions of the volunteers and the members of the Iraqi tribes, and all those supporting them from their families and the processions of the logistic support, who have made this saga with their own blood and great sacrifices, and that they deserve more than others -whoever they are- to raise the flag of ultimate victory."

It said: "And confirming that the Iraqi people with their principles and values of rejection of the injustice and humiliation will not let them enjoy that, but they are offering all they can -even their blood- in order to defend the land, the honor and the sanctities, noting that the last three years have proved the authenticity of the Iraqi people and its high readiness for the sacrifice and redemption in the sake of dignity and pride whenever needed, and that is has a wealth of strong men and women who are proud and able to overcome the misfortunes and crises that plague the country, and everyone should stand together to achieve the aspirations of security, prosperity, progress and development, God willing."

  1. Logistics support processions that brought food, drink, clothes and various services to volunteers and security forces in the most difficult points, and many of them were martyred and wounded.
  2. The efforts and sacrifices of the army, the federal police and the counterterrorism apparatus.
  3. Efforts of the holy shrines' forces formed after the fatwa.
  4. Efforts of the Iraqi government and private military factories.
  5. Efforts of families of respondents to the fatwa in motivating their children to fight, and caring for the orphans and widows of those who were martyred.
  6. The unity of the Iraqi tribes from the two communities to achieve victory.

Secondary causes of victory.

Without secondary causes, victory will also be achieved.

Thank you to everyone who helped us by selling arms to us or accepted hiring military advisers to our forces, or launched real missions to strike ISIL not to help it !!! ..

Thanks for their secondary quick efforts for our victory ...

Thank God for our interest came along with their interest so they helped us ..

The religious authority has also thanked them saying:

"And we also present our thanks and appreciation to all the brothers and friends who stood with Iraq and its people in their ordeal with ISIL terrorism and supported it and gave it help and assistance, asking the Almighty God to push away from all the evil and to bless them with security and peace."

Every year and all Iraq and the Iraqis are good thousand times...
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