The al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad supports the application of what would control the situation of the popular mobilization, maintain its reputation, preserve the blood of its martyrs and protect the rights of its members.

The Supervisor of the al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad; Sheikh Maitham al-Zaidi, has confirmed the support and implementation of everything that would control the situation in the popular mobilization, preserve its reputation, preserve the blood of its martyrs and protect the rights of its members. He said that the Squad supports all steps and measures aimed at improving the situation of the popular mobilization and preserving its reputation and great sacrifices.

This came during the reception of the leadership of the al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad -brigade 26 of the popular mobilization - of the administrative assistant of the popular mobilization body at the headquarters of the leadership in the al-'Alqami complex - the holy city of Karbala, where he met with the supervisor of the squad; Sheikh Maitham al-Zaidi to discuss the development of the current time and the expansion of collaboration, congratulating the squad and the leaderships of the popular mobilization the steps taken in the process of controlling and organizing the forces of the body, in order to maintain its reputation and preserve the rights of its martyrs.

The media center of the Squad indicated that the Squad's supervisor said: "The meeting also dealt with the issue of settling the salaries of the Mujahideen, as the squad was the first to complete this process."

Stressing that: "The squad will be present in the actual implementation of all controls and instructions issued by the General Command of the armed forces and the presidency of the body that seek to maintain the popular mobilization forces and develop its institutional status."
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