With the participation of more than 150 students from four provinces: Al-Kafeel schools opens its third edition of the tenth camp "Banat al-'Aqeedah".

As a continuation of what it started in its previous sessions, the Women's al-Kafeel Religious Schools Division opened the third session of "Hamilat al-Lewa' camp, which is part of the 10th Summer Scout Camp "Banatr al-'Aqeedah" for girls studying in the universities of Baghdad, Wasit, Qadisiya and Diyala.

The head of the al-Kafeel Schools Division; Mrs. Bushra al-Kinani stated to al-Kafeel Network about this camp, the following: "The goal of establishing these camps is to create a state of intellectual and cultural communication with the students, and to work to increase their knowledge and invest the summer vacation by employing it the right way for the benefit of the students. The establishment of this camp is a continuation of the previous camp to complement the achieved success, and also because of the turnout and interaction and the increase of the number of participants, the students have been divided in several camps, to accommodate as many students as possible according to each province and each University."

Indicating: "The camp includes many cultural, family and spiritual programs, visiting the holy shrines, scientific workshops, religious and moral lectures, and first aid sessions, as well as artistic activities aimed at discovering talent. There are competitions and sports programs, evening Qur'anic sessions and an open discussion session with questions and answers."

It is noteworthy that the camp is one of the activities of the Women's al-Kafeel Religious Schools, which is held in the center of as-Siddiqah al-Tahirah (peace be upon her). The idea of this project is about the development of programs characterized by continuity throughout the year, including scientific workshops in different areas of interest and concerns of students, in order to develop their abilities and their scientific, personal and social skills, including providing many lectures and training workshops for female students, to encourage them to be optimistic and work to change the reality that the society suffers from.
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