The al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad completes its duty in the "Will of Victory" operations by inspecting more than 700 km2.

The forces of the Al-Abbas (Peace be upon him) Fighting Squad (26th Brigade of the Popular Mobilization) have completed their duty within the "Will of Victory" operations in its fifth phase.

The Squad's supervisor, Sheikh Maytham al-Zaidi, told the al-Kafeel Global Network: "The formations of the Squad have completed fully their duty, and were able to survey and inspect a large area of ​​land deep in the desert in record time, amounting to more than 700 square kilometers."

He stressed: "Our forces did not monitor any presence or movement of the remnants of ISIS terrorist near the district of the division for more than 50 km. The Squad is ready to carry out any duty, whether in its district in any location of the land of our beloved country."

It is worth mentioning that the Squad started to carry out its duty in the operations of the will of victory -the fifth phase- within the sector of operations of the middle Euphrates, specifically from Al-Nukhaib towards the northwest of Lake Razzaza.
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