Very important for the visitors of Arba'een: How to find the lost and missing persons.

The Committee supervising and implementing authority of the centers of missing and lost persons, has explained the method and mechanism through which it is possible to find any missing or lost person, by reviewing the nearest center to guide the missing and lost, which are spread throughout the all the axes of the holy city of Karbala from the provinces (Babylon, Najaf and Baghdad).

These centers operate with an information system that contains a database in which the data of each mission or lost person is found (name, age, picture, address, color of clothing...) as it is constantly updated, and by searching in the database, one can find the person he is looking for and the center in which he is, in case the missing person was directed to one of these centers.

Any visitor can check the screens displaying the information related to the missing persons at the entrance of every center, in addition to a loud speaker and vehicles to transport the lost and missing when found. These centers work together with other centers of the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and the Centers in Najaf, which are all linked to a unified central control room.

The centers are run by a trained cadre of students of Iraqi university and institutes, who are working voluntarily in coordination with the University Relations Division at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine. They are working day and night and are equipped with telephone lines for communication between the centers, as well as wireless devices.

To contact the Control Room of Missing and Disappeared Persons Centers and to inquire about any situation, visitors can call the following numbers that receive calls for 24 hours:

1- 07601012069

2- 07601010860

3- 07601012946
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