With more than 75,000 books: The electronic library of the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine launches the largest theses website.

The electronic library of the Library and House of Manuscript at the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine, has launched a website specializing in theses and doctoral dissertations, including more than 75,000 books in various scientific and humanitarian fields since the creation of higher education in Iraq.

The library's initiative is a continuation of its digital services to a wide range of Iraqi students and researchers, and to promote scientific advancement in the country as it seeks to develop work in Iraqi libraries and educational institutions, in order to improve its services, since theses and dissertations represent a fertile source for various sciences and knowledge, because they include a summary of ideas in the arts and literature, which made them the focus of attention of researchers, but they did not receive the appropriate attention due to the lost because of the emergency conditions that Iraq has gone through.

Several universities have launched their websites containing an index of available theses, and this is an important step to facilitate research for students and researchers, and this website has become a basket of all the scientific and humanitarian specializations taught in Iraqi universities, for the benefit of each researcher and science student, which makes research easier.

From this standpoint, the idea of ​​building the digital repository site as a non-profit service project with Iraqi hands and scientific and technical expertise came to accommodate the titles of most Iraqi theses and university dissertations to achieve a number of objectives, including:

- Creating a unified facade representing the scientific status of Iraq, in which the Iraqi academic scientific output is collected.

- Enable researchers to see the thesis titles to avoid repeated searches.

- Enable researchers to form new ideas for research.

- Creating a unified database of Iraqi thesis and dissertations.

- Creation of a database of the names of holders of higher degrees in Iraq.

- Create a database of the names of supervising professors.

- Provide some protection to the rights and efforts of researchers through the publication of titles.

- Providing the process of research in remote sources for graduate students with specific controls after coordination with Iraqi universities.

For more information, please visit the website and its sections. https://iqdr.iq/
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