Resumption of works on the Islamic decorations and inscriptions from the Qibla Gate of the Shrine of Aba Al Fadl Al Abbas (peace be upon him).

The technical and artistic staff working on the Islamic decorations and inscriptions of the Qibla Gate of the Shrine of Al Abbas (peace be upon him), resumed this work to carry out the plans combining modernity of execution and authenticity and following the pre-set timetable.

What has been achieved represents a work of art of great beauty, painted by determined hands so that this entrance is beautiful, and decorated with inscription and appropriate decorations.

According to the explanations given to the al-Kafeel global network by the head of the engineering projects department at the al-Abbas’s (p) holy shrine; engineer Diaa Majeed Al Sa’egh: "A number of works have been completed such as the decoration and inscription of the interior arches of the entrance to Al Qibla Gate, which are six arches decorated by the Kashi Karbalai. And we have completed all the work of the Islamic architectural forms and their decorations, to begin the installation of strips of Koranic inscriptions."

It is to note that the stages of the gate's project are part of the large and vital project of the expansion of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, making the new gates embracing the old ones, investing in larger areas and using Islamic inscriptions and decorations with beautiful artistic connotations, according to the design and location of each gate, in order to welcome larger numbers of visitors and Hussayni processions entering the holy shrine. These gates were designed and executed by Ard Qods Company for Constructions and under the direct field supervision of the Engineering Projects Department at the holy shrine, as these gates should be implemented with high operational accuracy because of the artistic and technical pieces such as the Muqarnas and inscriptions that need great time and high precision in the execution.
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