The Units of the relief and support division in Dhi Qar province supports the protesters.

The division of relief and support of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine continues through its units deployed in several provinces and logistical support processions, to support the movement of demonstrations and peaceful demonstrators, including the unit of Dhi Qar province.

The support of these processions is in two parts, the first: sending support convoy to the large demonstration squares (Tahrir Square) in Baghdad, to help the protestors until their legitimate demands are achieved.

The second part concerns the continued support of protesters of Dhi Qar province in Al Haboubi Square, through the opening of service marquees in which medical services, food assistance and others are provided.

It should be noted that the support and relief division,since the beginning of the protest movement, has provided support to The Tahrir Square in Baghdad, and has expanded its support to other provinces, including:

- Erecting marquees to provide services.

- Preparing meals for protesters.

- Distribution of food, water and juice.

- Providing medical assistance to the injured.

- Moral support thanks to the presence of the servants of the processions in the demonstrations' squares.

- Providing the protesters with helmets and masks, etc.

- Contributing the volunteer campaigns for cleaning and painting sidewalks.
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