The completion of the installation of all metal parts of the shrine's grid of Safi Safa.

The head of the department of the manufacture of the grids and doors of the Holy Shrines at the al-Abbas's (p); Nadhem Al-Ghurabi announced the completion of installing all metal parts on the wooden structure of the shrine's grid of Safi Al-Safa (may God be pleased with him) in the province of Najaf.

He added: "The last thing that was installed on the grid was:

First: The written tape that rises above the grid's knotworks (Duhnat) and separates them from the Quranic inscription (gilded frieze). The length of this tape is about (4.93 cm), its width (3,82 cm), its thickness (5 mm) and its height (19 cm), and it consists of 30 pieces of different lengths, all of which form this tape. It was written in a complex Thuluth line by the calligraphy professor; Dr. Rawdhan Bahia, who wrote a number of hadiths of the Prophet (Allah's prayers be upon him and upon his holy household), Imam Ali (peace be upon him) and his companions. This tape was cut in a way that does not affect the meaning of the hadith, and the line is colored with pure gold and its base is in blue enamel.

Second: The gilded upper flowers of the grid that was installed on top of the Quranic inscription and linked to it by a metal ruler made of steel, and linked to another metallic strip that is thicker, and surrounds the grid in all its directions.

These flowers (50 flowers) are in the form of or close to a fig leaf, and are curved inward to accentuate the rest of the parts and reliefs, reaching a length of (38 cm) at its highest point and width (30 cm) at its widest point, this flower (the leaf) is centered by a smaller flower in an oval shape with a length (12 cm) and a width (8 cm). Its base is of blue enamel on which it was written in gold (Glory be to God and praise be to God) and surrounded by a gilded belt, from which floral patterns emit radially.

Third: The 46 gilded lanterns surround the grid on all sides. Each lantern separate each flower from the other, and it is made of copper and gold-plated, and is installed on the same tape on which the gilded flowers are fixed.

Al-Ghurabi affirmed, "These parts, like the rest of the metal parts that made up the grid, were distinguished by the advantage of craftsmanship and the method of fixation, and it is one of the additions in which the creators of these works were creative".
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