The snow is honored to touch the shrines' domes of the masters.

A rare event in Karbala, as since decades, snow did not fall on this land, but the will of the Almighty Creator wished that the snow would have the honor of touching the domes of light and the minarets of glory in the holy Karbala, so the dawn of the city was mixed with the white snow, creating an image we have not seen before in Karbala, giving a beautiful image to the holy shrines.
It is worth noting that the holy city of Karbala is dominated by a desert climate, where temperatures rise relatively in the summer, and sometimes reach approximately 45 degrees Celsius at midday.
As for the winter season, the temperature drops to zero degrees during some winter nights. As for the rain, the city is affected by the desert climate, because it is exposed to the desert and also the sedimentary plain from the east, but there has been no recent history of snowfall in this city.

It is reported that the photos were taken by Hikmat Al-Ayashi and Abbas Al-Mousawi
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