Starting the preliminary stages to install the ring of alabaster that surrounds the shrine’s grid of Safi Safa.

The staffs of the Department of the manufacture of the grids and doors of the Holy Shrines at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, began the preliminary work to install the ring box of the shrine's grid of Atheeb Al-Yamani known as (Safi Safa) - may God be pleased with him - in the province of Najaf, which is located above the grave, after the completion of the installation of the wooden structure, metal parts, motifs and interior inscriptions with the grid's ceiling.
The cladding work was done with natural alabaster (multi-onyx), which is characterized by many features, the most important of which is that it is natural and has natural colors and high durability to weather conditions, and gives wonderful reflections, and its thickness is approximately 4 cm. It covered the area of ​​the grid from the inside (467 cm) length, and width (355 cm).
Accompanying the cladding works, the fixing of the alabaster pieces, which are also a type (multi-onyx) called (Al-Shather One), located at the bottom of the wooden structure of the grid and surrounding it from all its sides. There are 14 pieces in from of arches, which lengths are between (100 cm) and (111 cm) and height (25 cm), and each piece is distributed according to its location in the grid, respecting the color harmony between these pieces and the alabaster that was used in the cladding works of the surrounding area and the inner grid's surface.
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