Completion of installing the alabaster ring around the tomb of Atheeb al-Yamani (may God be pleased with him).

The artistic staff working in the department of the manufacture of the Holy Shrines grids and doors of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, announced the completion of the installation of the alabaster ring of Al-Ateeb Al-Yamani known as (Safi Safa) - may God be pleased with him - in the province of Najaf al-Ashraf, which mediates the shrine's grid from the inside and above his holy grave.

The head of the department of the manufacture of the holy shrines grids and doors; Mr. Nadhem Al-Ghurabi, told the al-Kafeel Network: “The design and manufacture of the ring box is one of the additions done by the factories and workshops of the department. This is the second box that was made after the alabaster box made for the shrine's grid of Imam Musa al-Kadhem (peace be upon him), as it is characterized by artistic features and touches that are very beautiful and compatible, harmonious and complement the image of creativity that was drawn on the holy grid. "

He added, "The ring box made of Burmese teak takes the shape of a parallel rectangle. It is 153 cm high, 219 cm long and 1.49 cm wide. It consists of the following:

- At its four corners there are columns of 147 cm in length and 12 cm in thickness. They are connected to each part and are cylindrical in shape, formed by a decorative anvil.

- Each of the two opposite sides in it are the same in terms of motifs, inscriptions and lines, which are four pieces, where the longitudinal part of it, which is 147 cm in height and 201 cm in length is decorated with seven stellar motifs, and each star is mediated by one of God's names And these motifs are associated with other motifs, while the small part, which also reaches height (147 cm) and length (1.49 cm), its motifs are similar to the motifs of the longitudinal piece, but it differs in the number of star motifs, which are only five stars and are mediated by the names of the Almighty. All these four parts are the general shape of this part.

- An inscribed strip surrounds the upper part of the box, on every two opposite sides Quranic verses were inscribed by the complexed Thuluth line.

- Burmese teak was used in the manufacture of these parts, and in the manufacture of its flooring and decorations, white oak and sesame wood, using manual and sometimes mechanical methods. So it became with its inscriptions, a harmonious image in terms of the color of wood and motifs, taking into consideration the colors and patterns of the rest of the surrounding wooden parts.

- No colors or dyes were used, but were based on natural wood colors from international origins with high specifications and quality, and from its colors: white wood with its gradations, yellow, green, black, purple, red and teak. All types of these woods were used according to special proportions and measurements prepared in advance to accomplish this work.

- The four parts of the top are covered by the roof of the box, which is also made of Burmese teak."
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