The al-Kafeel juice and water are a distinguished mark of our national products.

In a short period of time, and within a business plan described by its management as successful, the al-Kafeel mineral juice and water product was able to gain the confidence of the Iraqi consumer, in light of what is on the domestic market of many brands, until it became a requirement for most of them, because of the efficiency of the product and its conformity with international specifications, within serious steps supporting the national economy, encouraging industrial projects and employing manpower.

With regard to juice, it is produced in a variety of types and flavors, including: oranges, peaches, lemons, and pomegranates, and it is hoped that other types and capacities will be produced in order to meet the wishes of the Iraqi consumer.

The factory that manufactures these juices located in Wasit Governorate is distinguished by the modernity of its production lines and its automatic method of manufacturing, mixing and packaging, within the specifications and conditions of the Iraqi Ministry of Health and the standardization and quality control apparatus at reasonable prices.

As for the al-Kafeel mineral water, it is one of the important projects aimed at providing clean, healthy and drinking water that meets the consumer’s need and some of the country’s needs. The factory has started a production plan that will cover all the provinces of Iraq in the future. In addition to its success in high proportions in the precise laboratory tests that were conducted for it from many competent authorities. It work was on two quantitative and qualitative axes, in order to reach its highest goal for which this factory was established which is considered one of the economic, productive and constructive projects, in addition to providing job opportunities to some extent existing unemployment.

It is noteworthy that the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has strived, and in a number of projects that it adopted in various directions, to restore confidence in the Iraqi mind first and the local product second and put it at the forefront.

It is noteworthy that these products are manufactured for Noor Al-Kafeel Food and Animal Products Company and they are available in all of its sales centers spread in most of the Iraqi provinces.
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