The quality product in the distinctive concrete paving brick factory.

The factory for the production of concrete paving blocks (muqarnas) and the side mold (kerbstone) are among the laboratories established by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, relying on its expertise and local raw materials as well as the modernity of its production lines, to meet make it at the forefront in terms of quality, specifications and sizes.

The factory, according to its manager, Eng. Jaafar Hussain Al-Qutb, stated: "It came to satisfy the need of the local market for construction materials and contribute to its development with quality and competitive prices, and the compensation for foreign import and raise the efficiency of the investment of local materials from raw materials, such as cement, sand and gravel, and for the purpose of helping to invest the available human energy and reduce unemployment by employing national manpower. "

He added: "The factory works with a high technology and the hydraulic and shakers system, and it is one of the modern laboratories that works with a special software system to control the quantities of materials entering and the way of mixing them. And the factory produces different types of muqarnas and kerbstone."

Eng. al-Qutb explained: "The product from the side mold (kerbstone) is of measurements (50 cm) and (90 cm), with a width (15 cm) and height (25 cm), and in colors with high stability (black - red - yellow), it comes out in pavement color and does not need dye as it is currently being pursued. "

Concerning the concrete paving blocks (muqarnas), he explained: "The factory produces nine types of it distributed in different engineering forms and with a thickness of (8 cm, 6 cm)."

Stressing: "All these products and their types mentioned above are characterized by the accuracy of their product in terms of measurements and manufacturing that facilitate their installation work, as well as their resistance to external atmospheric conditions of dust, moisture, heat, color fastness, material consistency and high durability."

He continued, "For the purpose of controlling and following up on laboratory tests, a site laboratory was established to examine the produced materials, supervised by a specialized cadre, and it has proven the efficiency of the product according to the standards of the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control."

The factory has announced its readiness to supply the public and private sectors with these products, by reviewing the factory's location on Baghdad Road and looking closely at these products.

For reservations or inquiries, call the following numbers: 07722228673_07822228673 or visit the site on Karbala-Baghdad Road near Column 48.
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