The Relief and Support Division at the Holy Shrine visits families of the martyrs of the demonstrators in Al-Musayyib District.

A delegation from the Relief and Support Division of the Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, accompanied by logistical support processions within the North Babylon / Musayyib District, visited the families of the martyrs of peaceful demonstrations guaranteed by the Iraqi constitution and supported by the Supreme Religious Authority.

The assistant of the official of the aforementioned division, Mr. Qassim al-Maamouri, stated: "This visit to the families of the martyrs of the peaceful demonstration in the regions of North Babel, to extend the sympathy for the loss of their loved ones and to present condolences and moral support to them. The visit included the regions (Al-Musayyib, Saddat Al-Hindiya, Alexandria)."

It is noteworthy that the Relief and Support Division in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine is close to its completion of the program to visit the families of martyrs of peaceful demonstrations in all governorates of Iraq, after the visit of the north of Babylon Province.
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