The agricultural unit of the Sheikh Al Kulayni complex announces its production of seedlings and seasonal plants

The Agricultural Unit of the Sheikh Al-Kulayni service Complex of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, announced the production of new plants and seasonal seedlings that are appropriate to the Iraqi climatic conditions, as well as continuing to multiply the best and most important types of perennial and flowering seedlings.

This comes in light of the continuous work throughout the year by the unit's cadres, according to a timetable set for this purpose, in order to develop the agricultural reality.

And because of the scarcity of plants and seedlings grown in the winter, new species have been introduced.

It is worth noting that the nursery of the Sheikh Al-Kulayni complex began work on the date (1/8/2019) on an area of ​​(200 square meters), and provides all appropriate conditions inside the greenhouse to produce seedlings and plants.
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