Al-'Ameed University enters three world class academic rankings in record time.

The al-Ameed University has entered three international academic rankings and achieved advanced positions among Iraqi and international universities, and these classifications are: Spanish Classification of Universities (Webometrics), Russian Classification of Universities (RUR), and Indonesian Classification (Greenmetrics), and this achievement was achieved in record time considering the age of the university, which is not more than thirty months.

The President of the al-Ameed University, Prof. Dr. Muayyad Imran Al-Ghazali, explained to the al-Kafeel Network the mechanism of entering the university in these classifications, despite the short age of the university. Saying: "The al-Ameed University of the Department of Education and Higher Education at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, focused on adopting the implementation of the Ministry's plans to enter the global classifications, so we adopted the fulfillment of the requirements of these classifications in record times, so the university, which is not more than thirty months old, has entered three world-famous international classifications, and in advanced rankings among Iraqi and international universities, and these classifications are: Spanish classification for universities (Webometrics), Russian universities classification (RUR), and the Indonesian classification (Greenmetrics) ".

Confirming that: "This classification is one of the most famous academic classifications that many universities are seeking to enter. As it is a measure of the quality of education and its development, as well as urging universities to provide their best activities that reflect their scientific level and publish them on their websites, to be an important criterion in obtaining advanced positions in this classification. "

He added: "We strive to achieve advanced positions for the university in this classification, through the diverse activities of its affiliated colleges and the scientific research, which are issued by the distinguished elite of its teaching staff and a lot of scientific programs of high quality and efficiency, in addition to its website, which is among its standards (Impact, openness, attendance, and excellence), which in turn will enable us to achieve the top position in this global rating."

The University is located in the beginning road of Karbala - Najaf, near the pillar number 1238 within the province of Karbala. It is one of the important educational scientific institutions affiliated to the Education and High Education Department at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and has opened the first Faculty of Medicine at the level of private medicine, by the application of a curriculum of global education, and in order to strengthen it, it occasionally hosts academic or specialist personalities with experience in this field, in order to benefit from their expertise and employ it in the right direction to serve the interest of the scientific movement in it and make it in the ranks of international academic institutions.
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